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Business Skills Training and Certification

Our organizational ethos revolves around providing sophisticated training solutions to professionals, institutes, and government sectors. Anchored in exceptional customer service, our vision extends far beyond regional boundaries. We aspire to be the catalyst for growth and advancement in both the Middle East and Africa.

IBTA MEA pioneers a paradigm shift in education through cutting-edge Certification solutions. Our platform transcends geographical constraints, ushering in a new era of accessible and transformative education. Meticulously curated courses empower individuals with the skills and knowledge imperative for success in the dynamic and competitive business landscape.

At IBTA MEA, we invite you to embark on a transformative experience where each achievement becomes a hallmark of your unwavering commitment to growth. Excellence is not a destination; it is a perpetual journey. Elevate your professional trajectory, surpass expectations, and become a Certified Business Professional with IBTA MEA – Your Pinnacle of Success in the Middle East and Africa.

Welcome to IBTA MEA

A Premier Hub for Business Professionalism across the Middle East and Africa.

IBTA MEA is synonymous with unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic business landscape of the Middle East and Africa. Our cornerstone is the Certified Business Professional Program, an esteemed international credential meticulously crafted to validate and elevate the proficiency of business professionals.

The Certified Business Professional Program is our flagship initiative, tailored for professionals who aspire to exceed industry standards. It stands as a testament to our dedication to refining and validating the skills of those committed to transcending the ordinary.

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“The test was easy and it covered the whole subject , I have enjoyed the subject, I start practicing it at my work – Thanks a lot.”  Thank you IBTA MEA

Abir Kanoo

Abir Kanoo

HR Assistant

“Officially, I am Certified Business Professional Trainer from International Business Training Associations.”  Thank you IBTA MEA

Murtada Al-Yousef

Murtada Al-Yousef

GM, Saudi Employment

“The training was very good, the arrangement, the venue, and the results. I’m quite pleased with it. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Moatz – Trainer in KSA

Moatz – Trainer in KSA

What We Do

We develop & create essential business skills

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Advance to higher levels with our learning solutions

CBP Sales

IBTA MEA utilizes a consultative approach to understand client needs and tailor learning solutions for effective sales strategies.

CBP Marketing

IBTA MEA employs innovative marketing tactics to showcase its cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, positioning itself as a leader in the learning landscape.